Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Verandah Music at the 2017 National Folk Festival

We had a busy but rewarding time at this year's National. Following the folklore conference and Flying Emus concert on April 13 at the NLA, we premiered 'The Music of Mawson's Men' at the Trocadero to a large and enthusiastic audience. Stay tuned for more on Mawson's Men in the coming months, for now Rob and I would like to thank:  

Christina Mimmocchi
Olya Willis
Shelly Grant
Pat Cranney
Baz Cooper
Don Brien
Jason Roweth
Denis McKay

for helping us make it happenThis unusual folk documentary was well received and there may be other chances to see it if you missed out this time. More later!

On Saturday we ran another well attended workshop on Folklore and Family History, learning as much, if not more, than we imparted. Thanks to all who attended. We'll be updating the Family Traditions section of this blog based on that session.

Later, we did a short bracket on the Bush Traditions concert in the Lyric.

In between, everyone did all sorts of other things too numerous to mention. Back home tired but happy!

Watch out for news of upcoming Verandah music events...

Rob and Graham

Monday, April 17, 2017

12th National Folklore Conference success

The AFN’s 2017 annual conference featured a range of presentations combining research, and performance in a balance that has become the signature of this annual event. As always the conference was well attended and well received.

The lunchtime concert featuring the Flying Emus was a great complement to the day’s activities.

We thank our partners, the National Folk Festival, Curtin University and particularly the National Library of Australia whose ongoing support and dedicated staff make the event possible.

Many of those who present and attend at the conference also contribute to the National Folk Festival following on immediately afterwards. The festival is a stimulating (and tiring!) experience where music, song, dance, food and many other things combine in a unique celebration of the diversity of past and present traditions. Running the conference in tandem with the festival has proved to be a winning strategy and preparations are already underway for the 13th National Folklore Conference.

Graham Seal for the committee:

Gwenda Davey
Jennifer Gall
Kevin Bradley
Rob Willis

Graham McDonald

Friday, February 17, 2017

Verandah music at National Folk Festival 2017

Just confirmed - gigs at NFF. We will be premiering The Music of Mawson's Men, a recreation of  the music made on that famous Antarctic expedition.

Our always popular Folklore and Family History workshop will run again.

We'll be turning up doing a few numbers in the odd concert.

Details atNFF

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2017 shows

We will be doing some sessions at the 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival | 12 to 15 January 2017 | Bulli Showground - 'Country and Oz', 'Verandah Music' and a workshop on folklore and family history. See you there!

Look out for news of our contributions to the 2017 National Folk Festival ... 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Verandah Music at Cygnet 2016

Rob, Olya and Graham fronted a concert at the 2016 Cygnet Folk Festival on January 10. Verandah Music Tassie Style also featured Edie Dawson, Stuart Graham and Julie Edwards (with Edie), Chloe and Jason Roweth, Fred Pribac, Christina Mimmocchi, Jacqui Bradley, Ronnie and Dyan Summers, David Wanless and Cathy Huthinson (dancers) and Kerrie Maguire. 

 The day before at the festival, together with Maureen Seal, we presented a workshop on Folklore and Family History.